PTA Event Chairs, 2018-19

You can find PTA Event Chairs for the school year below.

This directory has been completed for the sole use and convenience of the Henry W. Longfellow Elementary PTA, officers, chairmen, and advisory personnel. All names and email addresses are for PTA use only. PLEASE GUARD CAREFULLY AGAINST UNAUTHORIZED USE BY OTHERS.




Book Fair Chair

Teresa Woolvett

Box Tops

Jen Styzens

Career Day Chair

Maria Valdez

Family Events Coordinators

Rebecca Matulic

LINK Editor

Jen Styzens

Bake Sale



Harvest Festival Chair

1. Penny Morris


2. Naomie Worrello-Tate 

Meet the Masters Chairs

1. Leslie Hammond


2. Grace Carney

RAH Coordinator

Susan Shekell

Red Ribbon Week Chair

Danny Robles

Reflections Chairs

Carrie Yury


Richard Schuler


Spirit Wear Chairs

1. Crystal Bailey


2. Michelle Elpusan

Talent Show Chairs

1. Crystal Bailey


2. Amanda Azua

5th Grade Celebration Chairs

1. Andrea Ganz

Green Team Chair

Yadira Alfaro

Jogathon chairs

1. Julie Guzman


2. Sasha Seeward



Gaby Schmidt

Longfellow Wellness Council Chair

Naomie Worrell-Tate

100 Mile Club chair

Crystal Bailey

Uniform Swap Chair

Renee Cauntay