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The following list of end-of-year activities are tentative based on previous year's schedules and are subject to change. Dates and a confirmed list of activities will be updated in the spring.

Sport’s Day - This event will be held at Somerset Park.  The students will walk over in the morning and rotate through 6 different stations from 9am - 12pm.  They will then eat lunch and walk back to school.  We will need parents to help facilitate the sports activities.  Please email if you can help on this day.

Pool Day - Students will take buses to Belmont Pool and have a fun swim day. 

Movie Day - 12:45 - 2:10 - Students will be given snacks and have five choices of movies to watch in different fifth grade classrooms.

Dance from 1 -2 pm.  This event will be in the cafeteria at school

Morning promotion practice at Grace and then walk to Los Cerritos for the picnic at the park from 10 - 1:30. 

Promotion! - We have a 9am start time for this.  Stay tuned for more details in regards to wristbands and how to sign your child out if you don't want them to return to school after the ceremony.  There will be a letter coming home in regards to the wristband policy for this year.  NO ONE will be allowed in Grace without a wristband (unless they are a small child sitting in a lap.)  At no point during the entire ceremony will anyone be allowed in without a wristband.

June 13 - Yearbook signings at school and early dismissal at 1pm.