MONDAY, MARCH 11, 2019 - Grades 3-5 Longfellow@Riley

FRIDAY, MARCH 15, 2019 - Grades TK-2 Longfellow

Our 2019 Jog-a-thon will be on March 11 and March 15!  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we will have two Jog-a-thons this year!  March 11 will be Longfellow@Riley's Jog-a-thon for our 3-5 grades, and March 15 will be Longfellow's Jog-a-thon for our TK/K - 2 grades. 

We run the Jog-a-thon ourselves through our incredible parent volunteers which means that all the proceeds go to benefit Longfellow PTA.  We use our Jog-a-thon funds to pay for Mr. Petri, field trips, classroom enhancements, Meet the Masters and so many more items.  We have exceeded our goal the last few years and have been able to give back even more money to our school by buying more computers and library books!  Every dollar earned goes back to help all Longfellow students. This year additional funds will go towards upgrades for the large playground and a new play structure. Our goal is to again raise at least $55,000, but we are aiming for $100,000!!! 

More information will be posted here, so check back regularly!  Thank you as always for your support! 


Pledgestar is a web based fundraising system that will send email pledge requests to your family and friends, and let them make a secure credit or debit card donation. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so it's quick and it’s EASY! 

Just g
o to or click HERE to set it up.

Your child will receive 5 opportunity tickets if you create a Pledgestar page and send out 10 emails. That's 5 more chances to win some awesome prizes!

Be sure to share your child’s donation page via social media like Facebook!


Make sure to complete the PTA Participant(s) Waiver for your child to participate in the Jogathon. Without it, your child will have to sit on the sidelines while the rest of the class runs, jogs, and/or walks the day of the Jogathon. Parents/Guardians only need to fill this form out ONCE while your child is enrolled at Longfellow. Take care of it today! Online waiver available HERE and hard copies are available in the office.


We will need lots of help to pull off a two-day, two-campus Jogathon and any time you are able to give to help with set up and/or marking off lap cards is much appreciated. The kids always love to have family and friends cheer them on while they run, so make sure to come out...and bring a sign to encourage your child(ren)!

Click on the links below to see the run times for each grade level and to sign up to volunteer.

Monday, March 11: Grades 3-5 at Riley

Friday, March 15: Grades TK-2 at Longfellow


There are lots of exciting prizes to be won for fundraising. Some of our top prizes include Disneyland Park Hopper tickets, a mini drivable Tesla car, an ASUS Vivobook laptop, and Razer scooter!! To get a sneak peak at some of the other prizes available, click on the fliers below. There will be more prizes added and we will have nearly 100 winners!




Our 2018 Jogathon was a huge success! We blew our fundraising goal out of the water and raised $73,573, a 30% increase from last year and more than double what we have historically raised. Pledgestar, the online fundraising system we introduced in 2017, continues to be a significant factor in the huge jump we have seen in both student fundraising participation and the amount fundraised. Expenses for the event and prizes totaled to less than $4,000, bringing the net raised to just under $70,000. Approximately $55,000 of the donated funds will go towards a variety of programs that enhance education at Longfellow: choral music, Meet the Masters, Red Ribbon week, field trips, 5th grade celebration, classroom enhancements, and much more. Because we surpassed our fundraising goal, the PTA has scheduled a fun and exciting BMX stunt show for May 31 as special thank you to all the students. In addition, $10,000 of the monies raised is being gifted to Longfellow by the PTA to go towards new books for the school library.
Thank you to all the students and families who participated in our Jogathon fundraiser and many thanks to the Jogathon committee for your hard work and dedication: co-chairs Stephanie Holder and Mary Yung, Julie Guzman, Penny Morris, Sasha Seward, Sunny Scarlett, and Erin Moore.