Longfellow family members provide tremendous support for our school.  To work directly with students, which includes volunteering in the classroom and attending field trips, all adults must be VIP volunteers.  In order to view the requirements, please click on the VIPS Letter in the locker section.

To become a VIP is a very easy process to complete.  Here are the requirements to volunteer on campus and attend class field trips:

  1. Have a TB (tuberculin) test, make a photocopy of the results.
  2. Make a photocopy of your current California Driver License or State I.D
  3. Fill out a VIPS application completely, Sign and date. Applications are available in the school office.
  4. Bring TB test results, copy of CDL and VIP application to Longfellow Office.
  5. You will be contacted via phone when application is approved and your badge has arrived.


All VIP Volunteers are required to wear VIP name badges while on campus in a volunteer capacity and while attending school field trips. VIP badges are located in the school office and are organized alphabetically by FIRST name. All VIP’s must sign-in and out each day in the VIP log book.

Please note the total number of minutes/hours you have volunteered each day. Hours are tallied and reported to the School District and PTA.

Most VIPS ask, “How do I get involved?” Contact your child’s teacher for starters. Next, attend our PTA meetings. The Longfellow PTA is very active making sure our students have all they need to learn and have fun. Many volunteer opportunities are available for those with a little, or a lot of time to give.