We are in the last couple of months of elementary school!!! It's unbelievable how our babies just walked through the kindergarten gates, and are now about to walk through middle school gates. 
5th Grade Promotion will be held at Grace Brethren Church (Linden and 36th Street) on Wednesday, June 14. (Time is undetermined and will be sent out as the day gets closer.) Unfortunately the church has limited seating, so we will give each student 4 wristbands. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause, but we want to make sure all students have an opportunity to see their families in the crowd. If you do not plan on using all 4 wristbands, we ask that you kindly drop them off in the PTA mailbox located in the front office. If there are any extra wristbands, we will send an email out and will randomly select. 
**FLOWERS AND BALLOONS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE CHURCH. There will be a table in the front if you want to take the chance and leave items there. LONGFELLOW PTA will not be responsible for the items left on the table as there will be no one attending the table.
Yearbooks are being sold on our website at https://lblongfellowpta.org/Page/Spirit%20Wear/Spirit%20Wear. We will also be sending a paper copy of the order form. This year we do not have the option of a hard cover. Each yearbook will cost $15. THE DEADLINE TO ORDER 5TH GRADE YEARBOOKS IS MAY 1, anything after will be $25, while supplies last. Please get your yearbook orders in early. 
     - If you have photos from any of the previous school years from school events or during virtual learning that is Longfellow related, we ask that you upload it onto our secure photo album at https://plicbooks.com/go/ZM17DU. We will try to accompany as many photos as we can. 
Yearbook Shout Outs. We will have only 40 quarter page sized shout outs available. If you would like to put a shout out into the yearbook for your student, it will cost $25 and will need to be designed and submitted before April 15. The first 40 paid and submitted shout outs will be put into the yearbook, unfortunately any other shout outs will be turned away. Please get your shout outs in early to ensure your spot. 
We will be having some fun events towards the end of the school year and are wondering if we have any parents or caregivers that have services they can donate, or work alongside us (we are a nonprofit 501(c)3 with a tax id)? Possibly a caterer, a coach to lead games at the park, the sky's the limit. **An email with end of year festivities will be sent as we get closer. 
Important dates
- March 22 - LBUSD Middle school enrollment begins
- March 24 - 5th Grade Musical in the rose garden
- April 15 - Yearbook shout outs due
- May 1 - Yearbook payments due
- June 14 - 5th Grade Celebration at Grace Brethren
- June 15 - Last day of school

*     Volunteers (VIPS):  All volunteers for 5th grade celebration activities must be a current VIPS. Many VIPS badges expired last year. If you’re not sure about your status, email 5thgrade@lblongfellowpta.org with VIPS in the subject.

Questions? Want to help out with 5th grade celebration activities in the Spring? Email 5thgrade@lblongfellowpta.org