Welcome to the Read at Home (RAH) page!

Learning to read is an important skill for all children!

The Longfellow PTA Read At Home Program is where each Longfellow student gets to take home a book twice a year. 2020-2021 we plan to revamp the program a little. All Longfellow Lions will get a book in the Fall and again in Spring.

Proceeds from the school Scholastic Book Fairs goes into the RAH program. Those funds enable us to purchase books that are age appropriate and hopefully engaging books for each Grade level.

This years’ Co-Chairs are seeking new ways of revamping the program!

Please keep checking in, as our new RAH page will have additional resources and information for you soon!




Diverse Scholastic Book List

by Read at Home co-chair/ YA author, Elise Bryant


These books were specially curated for our Fall 2020 Scholastic Book Fair. These are Scholastic books featuring stories from diverse characters and are hyper-linked to Scholastic.com


Longfellow Bookshop

Are you looking for great books to read at home? We've curated themed lists of books on Bookshop.org. 10% of all sales made through this online store will help to fund our PTA's Read at Home program!


Reading Tips