We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone. We are clearly experiencing a different world managing our lives during this global pandemic. Our thoughts are with all who are affected. Every person has been affected in some way by the virus and the economic and social issues it is causing. We have weathered other storms - by sticking together. We are not letting this crisis stop our plans to raise money to provide a well-rounded education for our Longfellow Lions so that they can be their very, very best. It is with the knowledge that school will reopen and that it will be important to return to a sense of normalcy that Longfellow PTA continues to fundraise. This funding is key to ensure that all Longfellow PTA programs, events, and services are maintained and so that we can finally install a much needed play structure that has been a goal for nearly a decade.


April 6, 2020


Thank you to all the families who participated in Jogathon fundraising!!! We heard from a number of families who were no longer able to donate because of unexpected circumstances, and Longfellow PTA completely understands and appreciates the desire to support. 

Despite the circumstances in regards to the school closure and COVID-19, we were able to still have an amazingly successful fundraiser and value every cent that was donated. All current Longfellow PTA programs and events will be funded for the 2020-21 school year (pending the PTA Board and Association vote for approval in May). Although, the secondary fundraising goal to fund the remaining needed for a play structure was not met, Longfellow PTA is currently working on a plan for the playground and hope to share details soon.

Congratulations to the first-grade who has officially won the grade-level competition!
Unfortunately, the school closure will not allow for the extra recess that was earned, but we are seeing about the possibility of postponing the extra recess to be enjoyed in the fall. Additionally, first grade teachers will be granted funds for PE equipment.

For those students who earned prizes and tickets for the Opportunity Drawing, notifications will be MAILED home this week. The Opportunity Drawing will be happening online and some prizes were adjusted. See the table below. More details regarding the Opportunity Drawing and prizes are shared in the notification that will be mailed. If you do not receive one by Wednesday, April 15, and believe you earned prizes, please email JAT@LBLongfellowPTA.org.


March 30, 2020

So far $95,106 has been raised!!! Donations are still being accepted. The FINAL DEADLINE to turn in donation to receive credit towards students' prize earnings is this Friday, April 3rd. Please refer to instructions shared in the PTA e-newsletter shared on March 30, 2020 for how to turn in any pledge envelopes or email info@LBLongfellowPTA.org.

Grade-level Competition
Below are the current participation numbers for students at each grade level. The grade level with the most students participating in fundraising, regardless of the amount raised, earns an additional recess as well as funds for new PE equipment.

March 24, 2020

Jogathon/Fit Challenge fundraising continues! Due to the current school closure, an adjustment plan for prizes is currently in the works. Stay tuned for details which will be shared once they are finalized. In the meantime, donations are still being accepted and will be properly credited towards students' prize earnings.

To turn in any pledge envelopes, please email info@LBLongfellowPTA.org for instructions. All donations made via Pledgestar are automatically credited to students, so nothing needs to be turned in. Thank you!


So far $94,500 has been raised!!!  We appreciate every penny donated, especially during these unprecedented times that have caused uncertainty, stress, and turmoil. The funds raised will ensure the continuity of Longfellow programs/events/services for the 2020-21 school year and will go towards the installation of a new play structure - great things to look forward to once school resumes!

Visit Easy Fundraising Ideas


March 18, 2020



Pledge Envelopes

Get those pledge envelopes in! Pledges are still due Friday, March 20. Due to the current school closure, please drop off any pledge envelopes to PTA President Mary Yung. See instructions below. If you are unable to drop off your pledge envelope or need an extension, please reply to this email and alternate arrangements can be made. 

PLEDGE ENVELOPE DROP OFF: Deliver to Mary Yung. Please send an email with your child's name and teacher for drop off instructions: info@LBLongfellowPTA.org.



Longfellow PTA does not currently expect any major changes on prizes (both guaranteed and opportunity). There may need to be some changes to the group type prizes if there are still district precautions/restrictions in place when schools resumes but the Jogathon Committee will be making every effort to minimize any changes and if necessary, make a comparable substitution.

To view both the guaranteed prizes and the prizes available in the opportunity drawing, click the fliers above.

Per Lap Pledges

For any students who had donors pledging "per lap", we encourage those donors to switch to a flat rate donation. An email was sent notifying donors that ZERO laps were completed (due to the switch to a Fit Challenge). Donors can click on the link provided in that email and adjust the amount of their donation to whatever amount they choose. Thank you!



FRIDAY, MARCH 13, 2020
Grades TK-5

Longfellow PTA's only main fundraising event will be happening on March 13! Longfellow PTA runs the Jog-a-thon ourselves through our incredible Jogathon committee and day-of parent volunteers which means that all the proceeds go to benefit Longfellow. We use our Jog-a-thon funds to pay for an additional day of music with Mr. Petri, field trips, classroom enhancements, Meet the Masters and so many more items. We have exceeded our goal the last few years and have been able to give back even more money to our school by buying more computers, library books, and helping to pay for our awesome multi-sport court! Every dollar earned goes back to help all Longfellow students. 

This year additional funds will go towards completing the Longfellow Playground Project and will fund a new play structure. Our goal is to again raise at least $70,000, but we are aiming for $110,000 to cover the additional costs for the play structure!!! See the flier below for more details. 

More information will be posted here, so check back regularly!  Thank you as always for your support! 


Pledgestar is a web based fundraising system that will send email pledge requests to your family and friends, and let them make a secure credit or debit card donation. It only takes a few minutes to set up, so it's quick and it’s EASY! 

Just g
o to http://pledgestar.com/longfellow or click HERE to set it up.

Your child will receive 5 opportunity tickets if you create a Pledgestar page and send out 10 emails. That's 5 more chances to win some awesome prizes!

Be sure to share your child’s donation page via social media like Facebook!


Make sure to complete the PTA Participant(s) Waiver for your child to participate in the Jogathon. Without it, your child will unfortunately sit on the sidelines while the rest of the class runs, jogs, and/or walks the day of the Jogathon.

Parents/Guardians only need to fill this form out ONCE while your child is enrolled at Longfellow. Take care of it today!

Online waiver available HERE and hard copies are available in the office.


We will need lots of help to pull off the Jogathon and any time you are able to give to help with set up and/or marking off lap cards is much appreciated. The kids always love to have family and friends cheer them on while they run, so make sure to come out...and bring a sign to encourage your child(ren)!

Click on the link below to see the run times for each grade level and to sign up to volunteer.



There are lots of exciting prizes to be won for fundraising. Some of our top prizes include Disneyland Park Hopper tickets, a Nintendo Switch Lite, a hoverboard with go-cart attachment + helmet, and much more!! There will be over 100 prizes to win!! To get a sneak peak at some of the other prizes available, click on the fliers below. 


To view the Jogathon fundraising envelope with details on the prize structures or to print out the front to include with any additional pledges you have to turn in, click on the fliers below for downloadable copies.