The 100 Mile Club® is starting Tuesday, September 8, 2020 at your home! 

The goal? Be Active for 20 minutes, or Run/walk 100 miles and earn a Gold Medal. This year, due to community health concerns, we are asking for children to simply be active for 20 minutes while at home or in their neighborhood. Every 20 minutes of activity equals one mile, and every mile ran or walked, equals one mile.

Active kids simply do better... better in the (Zoom) classroom, better attendance and better health and fitness. Your child will experience personal goal setting, team spirit, perseverance, grit, poise, and increased self-confidence. Plus, they’ll have a great time along the way! Join us! We look forward to celebrating your child’s accomplishments! 

Our goal is to celebrate each MILEstone reached by your child on their 100 mile journey.

Two programs will be offered at Longfellow this year. One is the Elite Incentive program. 

For $10.00 your child will receive special incentives when they hit specific MILEstones.

The second program is the Start Line Certificate. This program is a no-cost option where your child will be awarded a certificate at the end of the year to celebrate the MILEstones that they achieve. 

Elite Incentives Program Includes:

  • 100 Mile Club CHALLENGE ACCEPTED ID card 
  • 25 Mile ELITE 100 Mile Club T-shirt • 50 Mile Celebration Pencil 
  • 75 Mile Wristband • Final Year-End Certificate celebrating miles achieved for all students 
  • 100 Mile Club Gold Medal with neckband (ONLY for those who reach their 100 mile goal) 

Running/Active days will be every Monday through Friday

To PARTICIPATE, please fill out this form

Click here for Mileage Tracking form

For more information, please contact