March 19!

The Virtual Fit-a-Thon is Longfellow PTA's main fundraiser for 2021. Fundraising goes towards all of our programs: music and arts, field trips, family events, teacher and staff support and so much more!

What to expect:

  • Longfellow's Fundraising goal is $45,000 this year.
  • Pledgestar (our online fundraising web-site) will go live on March 5th.  The last day for donations, that will count for prizes, will be March 26th.  If donations are only made through Pledgestar, then nothing needs to be turned in and is all taken care of through the web-site. If cash/checks need to be turned in, please turn those into your teacher or to the office into the PTA mailbox. All monies turned in after March 26th will be accepted but will not qualify for prizes.  
  • The Virtual Fit-a-Thon will be during class on March 19th.  There are two videos that students will be shown during class and they will take approximately 20 minutes. The first video is the Fit-a-Thon and the second video is a meditation, calming-down, video.
  • Questions? Please email




Not quite ready and you need some more information? Please check out this video to learn more about the 2021 Virtual Fit-a-Thon and how students can participate:



Pledgestar is a web based fundraising system that will send email pledge requests to your family and friends, and let them make a secure credit or debit card donation. It’s fast and it’s EASY! 

  1. Go to and click “Not Registered For This Year’s Event?”
  2. Enter your name, email address, password, then click “Submit”. 
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions. 
  4. Select a JPG photo of your student to add to the fundraising page. 
  5. Add the email addresses of all family and friends you’d like to contact. 

When you finish, the system emails or texts pledge requests to your family and friends. You will be notified by email each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledge request progress online.

Message from Longfellow PTA

Longfellow PTA would like to acknowledge the incredible challenges that our community has endured this past year. We want to emphasize that the emotional and physical health of our students is the most important part of the Virtual Fit-a-Thon. Cheering your student on is the best support you can give and any monetary donations are truly appreciated. We hope that your student enjoys the Virtual Fit-a-Thon! 



What is the Virtual Fit-a-Thon?

*Click on the picture for a full screen PDF



Que es el Virtual Fit-Thon?

Por favor mira este video para más información




Opportunity Prizes 

By fundraising, or even just by sending out 10 emails through Pledgestar, your student has the chance to earn Opportunity Drawing tickets. These tickets are then used to try to win prizes! In April, we will notify students of how many Opportunity Drawing tickets they earned and they will then be able to pick which prizes they would like to enter those tickets for. More information and additional prizes will be coming soon!




Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virtual Fit-a thon? 

The Virtual Fit-a-thon (VFT) is taking place this year during our virtual learning. We usually have a Jog-a-thon where students run laps around our playground blacktop. Since we can not be on campus this year, we have adapted and created a video so students can still move their bodies. The VFT is the only big fundraiser that Longfellow PTA will host this school year. Students are sponsored by family and friends and will exercise during class for 20 minutes. Longfellow gets 100% of the proceeds and these go towards Longfellow’s music program with Mr Petri, art programs, field trips, classroom enhancements, software programs for our teachers and much more. 

Who participates in the Virtual Fit-a-thon and how? 

All Longfellow students will participate in the VFT. Videos will be shown during virtual class time and students are encouraged to follow along in a safe and open environment, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

When is the Virtual Fit-a-thon? 

While donations and sponsorships will start on March 5th, the actual VFT will take place on Friday, March 19, 2021. 

How does our household help fundraise? 

Donate what you can - no amount is too little and every dollar helps, and we understand so many in our community have been affected by the pandemic, your support for your student will still be greatly appreciated. Our main goal of the Virtual Fit-a-thon is for our students to participate in a challenging experience that will support their physical and emotional health. Sign up for Pledgestar, and check with your employer to see if they have a program to match donation funds. 

Where does the money raised from the Virtual Fit-a-thon go? 

Funds are used to pay for more than 40 different programs, events, and services that enhance your student's education: our music program with Mr. Petri, art programs, field trips, 5th grade celebration, classroom enhancements, and software for teachers to name a few. In the past, extra funds raised beyond Longfellow’s PTA regular budget went towards purchasing chromebooks/chromebooks carts, $10,000 worth of new library books, a multisport court, a new play structure, and various assemblies like a BMX show and the TNT Dunk Squad in previous years.

What prizes are earned for fundraising? 

We will also be having an opportunity drawing, please see the Opportunity Drawing Prize sheet. 

What is Pledgestar? 

Pledgestar is a web-based fundraising system for supporters to make easy and secure donations. 

If we use Pledgestar to fundraise, do we need to turn in anything for our student to receive credit?

No, you would not need to turn anything in for your student to receive credit. 

If we collect money directly from our friends and family, where do we turn it in? 

You can mail checks and money orders to the school (ATTN: Longfellow PTA, 3800 Olive Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807), or drop cash in an envelope (with your student and teacher’s name) with your student’s teacher or at the front office (there is a PTA mailbox close to the door that opens into the school). 

What is the deadline to receive donations to be eligible for prizes? 

The ​deadline is March 26th​ to be eligible for guaranteed and opportunity tickets. 

How will my student(s) get his/her/their raffle tickets for the opportunity drawing? 

You will receive an email from ​​ with the amount of tickets and instructions on how to submit your opportunity tickets. Please make sure we have your current email address. 

When will my student receive any prizes that are earned from fundraising? 

If your student has won a prize from the opportunity drawing, we will have a drive-up prize pick up and you will receive your guaranteed prizes as well. If your student only has guaranteed prizes, we will work and distribute those with your student’s teacher. 

What if I have additional questions, who can I contact? 

Sheila Hernandez and Malis Mam at